anime weekend atlanta - 2008

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you may post links on your personal website/webpage that directly point to this con pix webpage. you may also repost up to twenty (20) of the actual (non-altered) pictures on your personal website provided that a credit/copyright statement is posted with each of the pictures.

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if you have need of a higher resolution/quality version of any of the pix (no charge), or if you have any questions including copyright issues, please feel free to contact me by phone at (404) 791-5427 or by email at

please note that the color is not quite right in this set of photos.    my computer's color profile got messed up and i didn't realize the problem until after i edited and posted the pictures.    i will adjust the color and repost pictures soon.


by clicking on the following links to view the photos, you are agreeing to the copyright terms stated above:

awa 2008 - set i      001-100

awa 2008 - set ii     101-200

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if you find yourself or anyone else that you know in any of the pictures (in costume), i'd appreciate a quick email letting me know the photo number(s) along with the anime title and the portrayed character's name.    i will not post anyone's personal information (i.e. - names) online without their permission (i even blurred-out names on the awa badges), but i would like to post the anime/character information if possible.


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updated 01 january 2009

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